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ÒWhatever up we got from Johnny coming on, well we lost it fairly quickly,Ó said Nicky English. Hardly anybody in Tipperary hurling is as beloved as Johnny Leahy. With the game hanging on a thread in P‡irc U’ Chaoimh, Nicky English plays his talisman. As Leahy joins the fray the stadium erupts. There is a sense of drama about everything he does. His entry says something. Game on. ClareÕs own rain-maker is Brian Lohan. The thought of the two men clashing with the game going to the death is what makes hurling great. Sixty seconds of thunder. Then Johnny Leahy bursts for this ball, arriving behind Lohan. He falls awkwardly and rips his cruciate ligament. Show over Ñ but the residue of his inspirational arrival will sustain his comrades....... From A Season of Sundays 2001, A pictorial record of the Gaelic Games year with captions by Tom Humphries, The Irish Times. No Reproduction Fee when used in conjunction with a review of the book. Issued by SPORTSFILE